Air Force MARS
Transcon Digital Network


The AF MARS TRANSCON "NET" is a network of "registered" stations as recognized by the AF MARS National Digital Manager as the primary NCS/Manager of AF MARS Digital NETS. Within each of the AF MARS Regions, each SYSOP of a registered system is the NCS for digital operations involving his system under the direction of the National Digital Manager or his appointed representative. Other digital operations outside the realm of the TRANSCON National Digital System are managed at the region level.

All MARS services are welcome and encouraged to use this information. Updated station listings are requested to improve digital interoperability.

Air Force MARS operates the Automated Trancontinental Digital network and participates in the joint MARS WL2K network. Both networks are groups of High Frequency (HF) radio stations communicating via PACTOR digital modes using multiple HF frequencies. Both networks use fixed stations that cycle HF equipment through a number of frequencies and monitor for traffic. User initiated traffic is handed off to a WL2K RMS station or a transcon station via HF PACTOR or via VHF packet links. The WL2K system is also accessible via telpac nodes or via an RMS station VHF port. The most complete WL2K MARS station listing is maintained at

For further details and information contact the above mentioned digital manager.

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