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24 JUNE 2002

From: Office of the National Digital Manager/AFN3AT

The following procedure for Time Accounting will be implemented starting the second quarter of 2002 for the USAF MARS TRANSCON Digital Network including other Auto Forwarding Systems applicable within the MARS program.

Reason for change:

Present system for time accounting is based primarily on official traffic. Due to the lack of official traffic being generated in some areas of the CONUS this creates a disparity for dedicated SYSOP that are maintaining a 7/24 BBS System. Many of these BBS systems are in key locations that play a very valuable role in the AF MARS Traffic system. Therefore it is recommended that this procedure be adopted at the Region level as well as TRANSCON to correct this disparity and maintain uniformity throughout the CONUS.

In addition due to the differences in time accounting methods of the three primary BBS software systems used presently in AF MARS, this policy will establish a standard, eliminate duplication and create incentives for the membership to operate digital modes.

Full Service 7/24 BBS operation.

1. Each BBS in full time 7/24 operation will be accredited one hour of operating time per day of operation within a quarter for each frequency of operation.

2. SYSOP will be credited additional time of one hour for each piece of traffic that he/she originates only.(includes traffic the SYSOP transfers from Voice Nets).

3. Serial/slip link, telephone modem and automated traffic forwarding does not account for time credit.

4. Administrative or maintenance time spent keeping the system operational
will remain the same without change.

Part Time BBS operation

1. Each BBS in part time daily operation regardless of software or mode will be eligible for one half hour of operating time per day of operation.

2. SYSOP will be credited additional time of one hour for each piece of traffic that he/she originates. This includes traffic that he/she transfers from Voice to Digital.

3. In the event of an emergency or exercise which would require a Part Time BBS to operate 7/24, time accounting for this period would be the same as a Full Service BBS.

Users of the Digital System

1. SYSOP of the TRANSCON Digital Network will credit each PBBS or Keyboard Operator with 30 minuets time for each connect to his/her system checking for traffic.

2. Users will receive one hour for each piece of traffic originated or transferred from Voice Nets and placed into the Digital System.

Time Accounting

1. Each SYSOP of a Full Service BBS System will act as NCS for his/her system and report time in accordance with the above procedure to the Region AFFxO, AFFxK or in accordance with Region policy. This report will include the SYSOP time and Region Users of his/her system excluding other Full Service systems operating within his/her Region.

2. A second report from each SYSOP will be a summary of all users of his/her system. This report will consist of two sections. First section will be the total of all BBS systems as reported with in the Region. The second section will be any users time accounting for out of region members. This report will be sent to the National Digital Manager, AFNxAT.

National Digital Manager

1. The National Digital Manager will forward the out of Region users time reports to the appropriate Region Officials for time accounting purpose in each region. The National Digital Manager will file and keep a record of BBS/Digital summaries as reported by each region.

SGD: National Digital Manager, USAF MARS/AFN3AT